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The all-in-one platform for finding, promoting, and planning events.

Bash Events

Find your fun.

Invite your friends, promote your events, and find things to do in your area.


Scan your location with the "BASH" button and see all of the events posted near you.


Post public events for everyone in the area to see.


Create private events and notify your friends.

Bash Events


Where we are. What we've done. How we're doing it.


In 2 months we've amassed over 750 iOS downloads. This has occured through purely organic social media marketing and word-of-mouth promotion.

Active Users.

Bash currently has about 200 monthly active users, with over 100 events posted.


Our 4.9 star average review on the App Store is a testament to our users excitement for what Bash Events is accomplishing. Our users our eager for growth, continued social expansion, and event population.

Our Mission

Bash Events exists to promote positive interpersonal engagement within the world. Our hope is that our users will begin to see God’s character in others through the interactions facilitated through our platform. We aim to enable people to enjoy His creation and come to a greater knowledge of His love shown through the Cross.

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